Revolution Bio-based Lubricants, LLC

is an authorized distributor of G-Oil and G-Clean products created by Green Earth Technologies.  We supply socially responsible, environmentaly friendly lubricants and cleaning products for cars, trucks, buses, boats, and outdoor power equipment. Our products are non-toxic and 100% GROWN and produced in the USA; proceeds filter back to US farmers, not foreign countries. While you're here, be sure to check out our new store!


All of our products are:

Biodegradable Recyclable Made in America


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Case Studies - Fleet performance in the real world

Technical Data - How safe it is! (The MSDSs)

Municipalities & Other Organizations - Where we've gotten and where we're going


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Why is it a better choice? - The quick and clean about what sets us apart

Where can I get it? - Places to go for a REAL environmentally friendly oil change

Green in Action

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Who's using it? - Racing teams, builders, & others winning with bio-based lubricants

Recent Partnerships - Teaming up to deliver cleaner, greener services, from Maine to Honduras, and everywhere in between